BandCamp What is it About?

I feel the need to further elaborate on what exactly BandCamp is and what it can do for you. BandCamp will give you a place for your fans to go when they want to listen to your music and what to go to your website. You can publish about yourself or even talk about whats happening. Here they can buy music from you and keep in close connect by constantly looking at your website. This is a direct to fan service that you can give fans a reason to buy by letting them know you.


TuneCore a good choose?

I have recently discovered TuneCore a music distribution service where for a fee they will send your money to places like Spotify and iTunes. This seems like a good service because even though you give them your music to distribute you retain one hundred percent ownership. Not only that but also all the revenue your music makes for only a limited fee. For just a one time fee of seventy five dollars you publish an unlimited amount of music so if you ask me it sounds like a great idea! TuneCore


I think it has become harder to monetize your music. Its become even harder to retain solo ownership without someone else making a profit from your material. I say this because once your stuff goes online anyone can access it. Change it into anything they want to and also use it for their own needs. The way to start making money and become successful is to make sure you have a fan base. This can be done many ways but one of the best ways to do this is to make yourself known. Make your creations viral with the easy access of internet this should be easy. TuneCore