Digital Litercy

To be competent when dealing with things digital you need to have an understanding on the web and how it works. First of all what goes on the web stays on the web its impossible to remove it completely. So you show always be cautious what it is your posting online. Anything online can be modified which means it may not be the original thing or isn’t the same as it first was. This can lead to people using other peoples stuff as their own or even lying about what it is they look like. You should be knowable of these things and know how they work in order to fully understand.



I think it has become harder to monetize your music. Its become even harder to retain solo ownership without someone else making a profit from your material. I say this because once your stuff goes online anyone can access it. Change it into anything they want to and also use it for their own needs. The way to start making money and become successful is to make sure you have a fan base. This can be done many ways but one of the best ways to do this is to make yourself known. Make your creations viral with the easy access of internet this should be easy. TuneCore


I feel the need to discuss this ever increasing topic and post my position about this subject.  I feel that the importance of fame hasn’t been the same since the internet has come around. It would even seem that the reasons people become famous has changed. The stupidity of it all has become the fact of wanting publicity more than anything. Link. This is what the result of internet has lead to. The need to be know for the stupidest reasons and the dumbest ideas. Fame has lost its purpose and only keeps me wondering how low will people stoop.