BandCamp What is it About?

I feel the need to further elaborate on what exactly BandCamp is and what it can do for you. BandCamp will give you a place for your fans to go when they want to listen to your music and what to go to your website. You can publish about yourself or even talk about whats happening. Here they can buy music from you and keep in close connect by constantly looking at your website. This is a direct to fan service that you can give fans a reason to buy by letting them know you.


CWF+RTB business model


You want to give people a reason to buy your music none the less a reason to want to listen to you. Think of a artist you support do you share their stuff? Do you just listen to them and if you do do you pay for it? This is where giving people a reason to buy your stuff becomes important and makes a difference from just make stuff to giving them an incentive. Its not as simple as selling your music anymore but its more as people trying to pay for your life. Why should people do that? Thats what you need to figure out.

Who am I?

This is the post excerpt.

My name is, Allen Micheal Martiese Einfeldt. I am 18 years old and feeling lost at times. I am attending school at IPR (Institution of Production and Recording). I decided on this by looking for a career and music. I don’t want to spend my life getting nowhere. I feel I am able to get me to where I want to be. School is only suppose to help. I was born Des Moines, Iowa but I lived most of my life in Austin, MN. If you want to know me any better just check out my music. SoundCloud