I think it has become harder to monetize your music. Its become even harder to retain solo ownership without someone else making a profit from your material. I say this because once your stuff goes online anyone can access it. Change it into anything they want to and also use it for their own needs. The way to start making money and become successful is to make sure you have a fan base. This can be done many ways but one of the best ways to do this is to make yourself known. Make your creations viral with the easy access of internet this should be easy. TuneCore



Mixing new songs and tracking the vocals have been hard for me but I have kept going at it and never giving up. I found myself not liking my own voice and critiquing myself by comparing to others and it has seemed to be the hardest. I constantly try on the music I make and hopefully it becomes something one day.

The Music Industry changing?

Its a known fact that the everything changes but with change you are either with it or against it. It has become that making music is becoming something we can do even on our laptop. This has made it easier for anyone to become an artist to making music now a days. Though with this change it has becoming different for people to sell their music. Its more of selling directly to fans. How you can get people to support you and listen to because they want to. Not so much about whether you are good or not but whether you are there to fill the spot. I also agree with the wide range of the internet being use to distribute yourself. It is so much easier to be heard and to get noticed by having your stuff online for everyone to see. I think one of the best points here are to give your fans a reason to buy and a reason to listen. Why are you any different than everyone else making music? It might be your interesting or its all going to a good cause. Give them a reason to want you and support you.